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Tekto Water Purifier

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Water Recovery



  • Auto Flush and Leakage Sensor
  • Double Purity Lock
  • 100% Safe Drinking Water

What PBTI(Punjab Biotechnology Incubator) Accredited By NABL | Recognized By BI Have To Say About The Tekto Products?

Ionization based products retain/add the minerals in the water, whereas RO based products demineralize the water.

Ionization RO and UV based products coupled with filtration remove/kill the microflora in water to almost the same extent.

Water Purified using ionization based products have disinfectant capabilities for personal hygiene (hand swab study under this project) and vegetable(s) (spinach study under this project).

All four technologies including ionization based technology are capable of removing more than 80% of the pesticide residues from water.