Installation Procedure


  • Paste the central drill sticker on the wall at (3.6 Feet to 4.0 Feet from the ground) as per your convenience.
  • Ensure that the sticker is pasted straight on the wall, then drill holes as per the space provided on sticker.
  • Now Insert the Plastic Anchor with the help of a hammer and fix screw.
  • Carefully hang the Purifier on the wall.
Step- 2
  • Open the Tap from water supply
  • Fix SS ball valve on the space provided on 3-way connector (figure no. 2).
  • Connect the one end of 3-way connector to the raw water supply (figure no. 3) & other end to Tap (marked as No.4).
  • Fix the one end of water pipe with SS ball valve and other end to inlet of the Purifier (Pipe provided with accessory)
  • Open the SS ball valve (Handle parallel to the ball valve) to start the flow of water into the purifier. 
  • Connect power cord with purifier
  • Connect the plug of power cord to electrical connection
  • Wait for 2-3 minutes to ensure that the filters are soaked in water.
  • Now your TEKTO purifier is ready to dispense one of the purest and healthiest water
  • For getting water Rotate the knob clockwise gently and for stopping the water rotate the knob anti-clockwise.