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Tekto Villa Commercial Purifier

Tekto Villa Commercial Purifier

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Key Specifications

Product Generic Name: Tekto Villa Commercial Purifier System

Product Colour: Multi Colour and Customized

Application: Suitable for purification of Tap/Municipal & corporation Water, Fluoride, Arsenic Iron

Purification Production Rate: Up to 150–180Litre/Hour

Body Material: ABS Food Grade Plastic

Mounting: Stall/Stand Mounting

Inlet Water Pressure (Min.): 0.3 kg/cm2

Min./Max. Operating pH: 6.5-8.0

Filter Block: Sediment, Carbon Block Filter, UF

Copper, Silver & Zinc Ionization: Anode 250 Gms x3 anode

Total Power Consumption: 60 W

Input Power Supply: Single Phase 100-250 V AC, 50-60Hz

Warranty & Service

This product is covered under warranty for One Year by Tekto.

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Items In The Box

  1. Tekto Villa Water Purifier System
  2. Pipe (Food Grade) 1/4, 2 Meters
  3. Pre-Sediment Filter (With Holder)
  4. 3-Way Connector Fittings
  5. Power Cable
  6. Screws & Plastic Inserts 5 Sets
  7. Marking Sticker For Drilling Hole
  8. User Manual & Warranty Card 1no.

Installation Instructions

The Tekto Villa Commercial Purifier Purifier is easy and convenient to install.

Recommended Site Preparations:
• Single Phase100-250V AC.50-60 Hz. connection not more than 3m away from the point of installation of the Purifier.
• Space as per dimensions of the Purifier.
• Wall (plane surface) for mounting 3 screws for holding the machine.
• The system and installation must comply with state and local laws and regulations.

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About Technology

A Breakthrough in Water Purification & Mineralization.

India's 1st water Purifier based on Copper, Silver & Zinc Ionization technology that remove 100% physical impurities and kills 100% bacteria, viruses and adds micronutrients in your water which are very essential for our health. TEKTO Purifier is an amalgamation of Copper, Silver & Zinc Ionization technology with multiple filters (customized) for removing Fluoride, Iron, Arsenic & Hardness from water.

  • Physical And Micro-Biological Impurities Removed

  • Enhancing The Health Of The Users By Added Micro Nutrients