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Tekto Pool Sanitizer

Tekto Pool Sanitizer

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Key Specifications

Product Generic Name: Tekto Pool Sanitizer

Product Colour: Multicolor

Application: For Purification of Pool Water

Purification Production Rate: Up to 120 LPM+

Body Material: ABS Food Grade Plastic

Mounting: Wall Mounting + Supply

Dimension: 14 Inch (L) x 8 Inch (W) x 4 Inch(D)

Min./Max. Operating pH: Works on All types of Water

Ionization Unit: Customized as per requirement

Total Power Consumption: 20 W

Input Power Supply: AC 180-240 V, 50-60Hz

Items In The Box

  1. Tekto Premium Pool Disinfector Electrical Unit
  2. 2-Way Connector Fittings
  3. Power Cable
  4. Screws & Plastic Inserts 5 Sets
  5. Ionizer Unit
  6. User Manual & Warranty Card 1no.
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About Technology

India's 1st Chlorine free Pool Sanitizer based on Copper, Silver & Zinc Ionization technology that kills 100% bacteria, viruses and algae with 19 health benefits.

It uses futuristic and state of the art technology to provide Healthy Pool water.

  • Physical And Micro-Biological Impurities Removed

  • Copper, Silver & Zinc Ionization

  • Get Rid Of Excess Chlorine From Your Pool

  • Saving Electricity And Related Costs


What is the ideal ratio of copper ion in pool water?

The ideal ratio of copper ion in pool water is 0.20 to 0.30 parts per million (ppm).

Do I still need to use chlorine after ionization of the pool water?

Yes, it is recommended to use 0.02 ppm to 0.05 ppm of chlorine after ionization of the pool water.

When should the anode be replaced?

The anode should be replaced after three years.